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Ichinoya Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") believes that protecting the personal information of our customers is not only a legal obligation, but also an important social responsibility. In order to fulfill this responsibility, we have established the following privacy policy to respect and protect the personal information rights of our customers.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information in our services refers to e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and other personal information that can be used alone or in combination with other information to identify an individual.

Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

In order to conduct our business activities and provide better services to our customers, we obtain personal information of our service users by legal and fair means and use it for the following purposes.

  • To identify and locate customers when they use our services.
  • To inform and contact customers regarding the use of our services
  • To send products or gifts purchased through the use of our services
  • To provide information on related products such as events sponsored by or in cooperation with the Company
  • To inform you of new products and services offered by the Company
  • To ask for your cooperation in surveys and research activities to improve the quality of our services
  • To analyze the attributes (gender and date of birth) of personal information collected as part of our marketing research and to identify the usage trends of our services, and to select survey targets for analysis.
  • To provide other services related to the above

Management of Personal Information

We appoint a personal information manager to manage the personal information appropriately and carefully. We strive to protect your personal information by taking necessary safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. In addition, in order to achieve the purpose of use of personal information, we may outsource the handling of personal information to a third party. We will take measures such as concluding a separate personal information protection agreement with the outsourced party, and appropriately manage and supervise the handling of personal information by them.

About sharing personal information

In principle, we will not provide or share personal information with third parties without prior consent of the customer, except as required by the Provider Liability Limitation Act or other applicable laws and regulations. Personal information may be provided to subcontractors for delivery of products and for payment settlement, etc., but only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Procedures for Disclosure of Personal Information

We will respond to inquiries from customers regarding disclosure, modification, suspension of use, deletion, etc. of their personal information. Please note that a fee of 1,100 yen (including consumption tax) will be charged for requests for disclosure of customers' personal information.

[Contact]Ichinoya Co., Ltd.Personal Information Inquiry DeskEmail: [email protected]

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Security policy

When you register your personal information, we do our best to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of information by using a special encryption technology called SSL and managing it on a dedicated server protected by a security system called a firewall.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations Concerning the Protection of Personal Information

We will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal information and will manage personal information in accordance with the said Act and various government ordinances.

Continual review of efforts to protect personal information

We continuously review our internal system for personal information protection and make improvements, as necessary.

Contact for Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

The Company has established the following contact points for inquiries regarding the handling of personal information.

[Contact]Ichinoya Co., Ltd.Personal Information Inquiry DeskEmail: [email protected]

Revision of Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is subject to revision without notice.

Established on January 11, 2023