Shinano Omachi is located at the foot of the Northern Alps.
The melted snow water flowing from the mountains passes through the mountainside over a long period of time and is polished by the strata of the earth, giving rise to the water of "Hassai".
That is where the water is. Gratitude for the blessings is the source of Ichinoya.

Brewing sake that lives in the present


Japan has four seasons and beautiful water and land. We have inherited and continued to make sake that is born from the spirituality of Japan. And sake is always completed with "friends" who "admire" it. That is why we are committed to making sake that lives in the present. Like a painter who learns techniques and paints a picture for the modern age, we imagine the taste of sake that we want to deliver now, while inheriting the traditions. Choosing colors and layering them on top of each other with a paintbrush, we match the rice of the year, taste the water, and design the unrefined sake. As a work of art, "no two bottles of sake are alike," we carefully watch the fermentation process and search for the perfect bottle. Studying these techniques and passing them on to the future is Ichinoya's pride. Our mission, given a natural source of water.

Sake brewing that can only be created at Ichinoya


Sake is said to have originated from rice cultivation and began to be made for the gods. The water and rice created by the gods were thanked and prayed for a bountiful harvest for the next year. To connect and cultivate respect for the nature that nurtures water and rice. Ichinoya's innovation. We are not left to the climate, but to four-season brewing through technological innovation. The time created by efficiency is an opportunity for brewers to learn and develop. The life of good sake is the sensitivity and imagination of people. We use our five senses and our sixth sense to select water and rice, and then observe and harmonize the koji, the yeast starter, and the unrefined sake. Ichinoya's sake is unique because it is made by layering water, rice, the power of nature, and human sensibilities.

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The source of the "Hassai" water is the character of Ichinoya's sake.


Spring water, underground water, and river water. The melted snow water flowing from the mountains of the Northern Alps is naturally filtered and becomes the source of the water. Omachi City has been a "water source" for 15,000 years, with eight water sources, including Iyasato, Yazawa, and Kamishirasawa. The flavor of the water changes as it flows through different paths. As time goes by, the mineral content of the water changes, and the water not only tastes good, but also has a different sweetness and dignity when you hold it in your mouth. The existence of water with different hardness is the treasure of this place. Therefore, instead of the stereotype that sake should be made with soft water, Ichinoya selects, chooses, and harmonizes the water to suit the sake we envision. We are not limited to a sole source of water, but sometimes combine water from diverse sources. Water assemblage. The combination of water, the lifeblood of sake brewing, creates a unique taste.

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