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From winter brewing to seasonal brewing. Traditional sake brewing began with the construction of a brewery to promote natural ventilation and was a wintertime task that provided the optimum low-temperature environment for microorganisms. However, Ichinoya's goal is to create sake that lives in the present. We want to express the taste, aroma, and flavor of sake by reading the world, market trends, and people's preferences. While utilizing the architectural structure of a sake brewery that has been in existence since the Meiji era, a humidity control system was introduced to enable brewing in all four seasons. The brewery is also equipped with cooling tanks to allow for sensitive design of alcohol content. The Toji, who is a master brewer with proven skills, has a keen sense for determining the degree of fermentation, and the system enables delicate temperature control, creating an environment in which yeast and koji mold can live. The expression of sake, which can only be made at Ichinoya, continues.

Company Overview

Company Name
Ichinoya Co., Ltd.
Trade Name
Yoshiyuki Saeki
Chief Brewer
Maho Otsuka
Our Business
Brewing and sale of Sake and other alcoholic beverages
Founded Year
Date of Establishment
March 6, 1931
42 million yen
Head Office Factory
2527 Omachi, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture 398-0002, Japan
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2527 Omachi, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture 398-0002, Japan

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