"Delicious" alone is not enough, an exquisite mouthfeel

Ichinoya's sake is brewed with the image of together with food. The flagship brand, RYUSUISEN, is designed to be more precisely matched to food, even down to its effervescence and alcohol content. RYUSUISEN is a "SAKE that maximizes the pleasure of eating," a marriage of various cuisine.


  • RYUSUISEN 生酛 美山錦

    RYUSUISEN 生酛 美山錦

    RYUSUISEN Kimoto Miyamanishiki

    perfect accompaniment for a memorable day

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  • RYUSUISEN 山廃 山恵錦

    RYUSUISEN 山廃 山恵錦

    RYUSUISEN Yamahai Sankeinishiki

    The fruity and refreshing Ginjo aroma is that gently accompanies celebratory occasions

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  • RYUSUISEN 生酛 ひとごこち

    RYUSUISEN 生酛 ひとごこち

    RYUSUISEN Kimoto Hitogokochi

    A well balanced taste sensation with a fruity aroma

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  • RYUSUISEN 山廃 赤磐雄町

    RYUSUISEN 山廃 赤磐雄町

    RYUSUISEN Yamahai Akaiwaomachi

    Junmai Daiginjo-shu with the sweetness of rice and crisp bitterness to stimulate the appetite

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  • RYUSUISEN 生酛 山田錦

    RYUSUISEN 生酛 山田錦

    RYUSUISEN Kimoto Yamadanishiki

    Tenderly Embracing Like Crystal-Clear Water: Junmai Daiginjo

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Shinano-Omachi's Traditional SAKE in the Present

Since its establishment in 1865, Ichinoya's legacy line has been loved by generations of Shinano-Omachi residents. The generations of master brewers have continued to brew this famous sake, Ichinoya/Kinran Kurobe, with all their heart and soul, using the blessings of the blessed water source from the Northern Alps and the fertile land. It is the sake of this town, the sake of always. Sake from a special hometown that you will never forget.


  • 市野屋 山廃特別純米 山恵錦

    市野屋 山廃特別純米 山恵錦

    Ichinoya Yamahai Tokubetsu Junmai Sankeinishiki

    A slightly bitter and astringent aftertaste The special Junmai sake that forms the backbone

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  • TAKUMI 市野屋 山廃純米大吟醸 雄町

    TAKUMI 市野屋 山廃純米大吟醸 雄町

    TAKUMI Ichinoya Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo Omachi

    Beautiful “harmony of five tastes” Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo by the hand of brewer experts.

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  • 市野屋山廃純米酒 風さやか

    市野屋山廃純米酒 風さやか

    Ichinoya Yamahai Junmai - Kazesayaka

    "A well-balanced blend of sweetness, acidity and bitterness. This rich sake adds elegance to your moments of relaxation at your mealtime."

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  • 市野屋山廃純米酒 風さやか 無濾過生原酒

    市野屋山廃純米酒 風さやか 無濾過生原酒

    Ichinoya Yamahai Junmai - Kazesayaka / Unfiltered unpasteurised undiluted sake

    Brimming with a lively dance of fresh acidity and sweetness, "Cheers to the present moment with this unfiltered, raw sake."

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  • 純米吟醸 氷筍水 ひとごこち

    純米吟醸 氷筍水 ひとごこち

    Junmai Ginjo - Hitogokochi / Hyojunsui

    A sweet aroma that relaxes the soul Adding a gorgeous color to the dining table

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  • 金蘭黒部 超辛口

    金蘭黒部 超辛口

    Kinrankurobe Super Dry

    The floral aroma and the astringent aftertaste are very pleasant. A dry sake that can be drunk like water.

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Introducing the ""Azumi"" series, a testament to the art of ""aging"" and ""blending,"" the buzzwords in modern sake craftsmanship.

Under the meticulous low-temperature management of the sake brewery, a well-balanced blend of sake aged for 2-3 years is created. This sake aims for just the right degree of maturation as a table wine, making it a versatile choice that can elevate any everyday dish.


  • 蒼澄 吟醸

    蒼澄 吟醸

    Azumi Ginjo

    The mellow flavor, not found in young sake

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  • 蒼澄 山廃特別純米酒 しらかば錦

    蒼澄 山廃特別純米酒 しらかば錦

    Azumi Yamahai Tokubetsu Junmai - Shirakabanishiki

    It offers a pleasant aged flavor and the taste of high-quality rice

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