"Delicious" alone is not enough, an exquisite mouthfeel

Ichinoya's sake is brewed with the image of together with food. The flagship brand, RYUSUISEN, is designed to be more precisely matched to food, even down to its effervescence and alcohol content. RYUSUISEN is a "SAKE that maximizes the pleasure of eating," a marriage of various cuisine.


  • 天地 雄町

    天地 雄町

    Tenchi Omachi

    Refreshing aroma like ramune. A drink with meals sake with an elegant rice flavor.

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  • 天風 ひとごこち

    天風 ひとごこち

    Tenpu Hitogokochi

    The mouthfeel is minerally with a touch of astringency. The balance between the fresh fruity aroma and the sweetness and umami of the rice is pleasant.

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  • 天空 山惠錦

    天空 山惠錦

    Tenku Sankeinishiki

    It has a fresh aroma and a refreshing sharpness. It is a perfect sake to be paired with strong flavor dishes.

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  • 天水 美山錦

    天水 美山錦

    Tensui Miyamanishiki

    It has a sweet and sour fruity aroma with a refreshing cedar scent. It is a well-balanced sake with a light sweetness and minerality, perfect for meals.

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  • 天火 五百万石

    天火 五百万石

    Tenbi Gohyakumangoku

    The acidity of lemon and the mildly sweet aroma of apple are harmoniously blended to create a clean, refreshing taste. A well-balanced food’s sake.

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New Normal

  • 穂高



    A gentle flavor with white grapes and cedar incense. A sake with a gentle sweetness, like freshly baked bread.

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  • 女鳥羽



    It is faintly bubbly with a hint of soda. Fresh herbal aroma and a definite richness. A completely new sake, leaving a firm aftertaste.

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  • 高瀬



    Refreshing citrus sourness and pleasant sweetness. It is a sake that beautifully harmonize meals with its mineral astringency.

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  • 麻績



    Refreshing aroma of pear and mild sweetness. A sake that goes well with meals, leaving a mineral bitterness in the aftertaste.

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New Normal / Premie Cru

  • プルミエ・クリュ 不動

    プルミエ・クリュ 不動

    Premier Cru / Fudo

    Refreshing aroma and clean mouthfeel. A low alcohol genshu sake to enjoy the marriage with food.

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Shinano-Omachi's Traditional SAKE in the Present

Since its establishment in 1865, Ichinoya's legacy line has been loved by generations of Shinano-Omachi residents. The generations of master brewers have continued to brew this famous sake, Ichinoya/Kinran Kurobe, with all their heart and soul, using the blessings of the blessed water source from the Northern Alps and the fertile land. It is the sake of this town, the sake of always. Sake from a special hometown that you will never forget.


  • 山廃純米大吟醸原酒 亀の尾

    山廃純米大吟醸原酒 亀の尾

    Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo - Kamenoo

    A mid-meal type of sake Junmai Daiginjo, well-balanced in both aroma and taste.

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  • 山廃純米大吟醸原酒 出羽燦々

    山廃純米大吟醸原酒 出羽燦々

    Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo - Dewasansan

    Complexity and depth, in a good way that smothers the senses. A Junmai Daiginjo that can be enjoyed both, before and during meals.

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  • 生酛純米大吟醸原酒 山田錦

    生酛純米大吟醸原酒 山田錦

    Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo - Yamadanishiki

    A low alcohol genshu sake made with kimoto that goes well with meals.

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  • 山廃純米大吟醸原酒 雄町 女清水仕込み No.17

    山廃純米大吟醸原酒 雄町 女清水仕込み No.17

    Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo - Omachi / Onnamizu No.17

    A profound yet graceful aftertaste. The fresh aroma and crisp aftertaste make this an appetizing mid-meal sake.

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  • 山廃純米大吟醸原酒 雄町 女清水仕込み

    山廃純米大吟醸原酒 雄町 女清水仕込み

    Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo - Omachi / Onnnamizu

    It has an elegant aroma and a firm flavor and sweetness. The crispness that does not linger makes it a bottle that can be enjoyed on any occasion.

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  • 山廃純米大吟醸原酒 雄町 男清水仕込み

    山廃純米大吟醸原酒 雄町 男清水仕込み

    Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo - Omachi / Otokomizu

    A sake that has a pleasantly full mouthfeel, as if it were squeezed from fresh fruit.

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  • 生酛純米大吟醸原酒 雄町

    生酛純米大吟醸原酒 雄町

    Kimoto Junmai Daiginjo - Omachi

    This is a mid-meal type sake with a multifaceted flavor brewed with kimoto.

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  • 山廃純米大吟醸原酒 美山錦

    山廃純米大吟醸原酒 美山錦

    Yamahai Junmai Daiginjo - Miyamanishiki

    A meal friendly Junmai Daiginjo with an excellent balance of citrus acidity and sweetness.

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  • 生酛純米吟醸原酒 美山錦

    生酛純米吟醸原酒 美山錦

    Kimoto Junmai Ginjo - Miyamanishiki

    Have an Innocent Time with the Aroma of Strawberries.

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  • 生酛純米吟醸原酒 ひとごごち

    生酛純米吟醸原酒 ひとごごち

    Kimoto Junmai Ginjo - Hitogokochi

    A fuller time around the dining table. A sake with depth of flavor.

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  • 生酛純米吟醸 氷筍水 ひとごごち

    生酛純米吟醸 氷筍水 ひとごごち

    Kimoto Junmai Ginjo - Hitogokochi / Hyojunsui

    Elegant aromas and a pleasant minerally world.

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  • 生酛純米酒 風さやか

    生酛純米酒 風さやか

    Kimoto Junmai - Kazesayaka

    Aromas of lemon, fig, and fresh cedar mixed with a kimoto mellow aroma typical of a sake.

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  • 純米吟醸 氷筍水 ひとごこち

    純米吟醸 氷筍水 ひとごこち

    Junmai Ginjo - Hitogokochi / Hyojunsui

    Like freshness of ramune drink and With a pleasant minerality that spreads to the tip of the tongue.

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  • 純米吟醸 氷筍水 風さやか

    純米吟醸 氷筍水 風さやか

    Junmai Ginjo - Kazesayaka / Hyojunsui

    t has a gorgeous aroma of strawberries, pears, and floral nectar. A dining table sake that relaxes the mind with its gentle mouthfeel.

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  • 山廃純米酒 風さやか

    山廃純米酒 風さやか

    Yamahai Junmai - Kazesayaka

    Pure rice’s sake with a fresh melon-like aroma and crisp acidity.

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  • 金蘭黒部 超辛口

    金蘭黒部 超辛口

    Kinrankurobe Super Dry

    The floral aroma and the astringent aftertaste are very pleasant. A dry sake that can be drunk like water.

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  • 本格梅酒


    Ichonoya Umeshu

    It has a moderate sweetness and sourness. Only the finest plums can produce such a magnificent aftertaste. A graceful Umeshu that adds color to a gorgeous moment.

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  • 市野屋 甘酒

    市野屋 甘酒

    Ichinoya Amazake

    It has a gentle thickening, sweetness, and mild acidity, which is the original taste of rice koji. No sugar is used at all, and here is a real amazake.

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  • 市野屋 甘酒(さらさらタイプ)

    市野屋 甘酒(さらさらタイプ)

    Ichinoya Amazake(smooth type)

    Sugar-free rice Koji lives on. You will never get tired of drinking this amazake.

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